— New IDO site on the Cronos network. EN (part 13 — Team

2 min readMay 4, 2022

-- — a new IDO site on the Cronos network! Part 13 — The Team

Friends, hello everyone.

Today we’re going to talk about the team.

Let me remind you that is a lunchpad running on the Cronos, Binance Smart Chain, Chia and Avalanche ecosystem.’s official website has information that there are 5 people on the Crodo team:

Max Laptev — Founder & SEO / Max Laptev — Founder and SEO

Serj Zadorin — Product Marketing / Sergey Zadorin — product marketer.

Elijah Kras — Product Designer / Elijah Kras — product designer.

Alex Kolupaev — Senior Developer.

Valdis Kudrjavcevs — SMM

The team has 10 years of experience in personal and collaborative projects, creating business solutions for companies.

Each representative of this remarkable team has a certain number of successfully implemented projects under their belt, but they do not spread about them to be associated only with the CRODO crypto-lunchpad and not with their previous works.

Max Laptev, Serge Zadorin and Valdis Kudryavtsevs are constantly in touch in the project chat in Discord, and you can easily communicate with them just by sending a private message. In addition to Discord, you can contact them by telegram, by e-mail, the links to which will be listed below.

Guys are active, easy to contact and ready to negotiate mutually beneficial partnerships and cooperation.

Good luck and good luck to everyone!

Well, I remind you that all my articles are only informational and do not force you into action. All actions you take at your own discretion.

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