— New IDO site on the Cronos network. EN (part 7.1 — Backers)

3 min readApr 14, 2022

-- — a new IDO site on the Cronos network! The Ambassador Program is open with rewards! Part 7.1 Backers — Kaizen Finance

Friends, hello everyone.

Earlier I told you about the new CRODO platform, the Ambassador program, awards and other things.

Today I want to start talking about the companies that support the CRODO project.

And I will start my review with Kaizen Finance.

Kaizen Finance is a standalone protocol and platform for launching DeFi tokens and trading tokens with collateral, where projects and DAOs can securely generate, issue and manage their token offerings.

As stated by the company, the Kaizen Finance platform allows projects to provide transparency and eliminate any risk of execution error during the presale, vesting or distribution of tokens. As a project, you can go from token generation to presale in a matter of hours with everything (including vesting schedules) automated, set up and ready to go.

Kaizen Finance is cross-chain capable. This means that it can create and support parallel smart contracts on multiple blockchains, such as Ethereum, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon and many others. Kaizen Finance is currently developing its Solana capabilities.

According to the KAIZEN FINANCE website (, its partners are: Polygon, MAGNUS CAPITAL, Solstarter, LDCAPITAL, DIGITAL STRATEGIES, SL2 CAPITAL, DOUBLE PEAK, AU21 CAPITAL, DWEB3, DARKPOOL.VENTURES, MOONBOOTS, GravityVentures, x21, INFINITY PAD, Raptor Capital,

KAIZEN FINANCE has over 42,000 followers on Twitter, among them are Crypto Rand, TraderSZ, DeBank, Solstarter, Altcoin Sherpa, SWFT Blockchain, @Bullrun_Gravano (Co-Founder — MOONBOOTS CAPITAL), Carlos Acevedo (Senior Director of Sales @Brave | Regional Leader: LatAm | Founder of Cryptocommunity Project), Jeff Kirdeikis (CEO @TrustSwap), James Wo (Co-Founder, Chairman & IT Director @JSquare_co Metaverse Maximalist; Founder @DFG_officiaI $DOT $KSM HODLer), and many others.

As we can see, the project is interesting, it arouses interest from serious projects, well-known personalities, as well as from the community, which will certainly attract the attention of users to our CRODO project as well.

Well, I remind you that all my articles are only informational and do not force you into action. All actions you take at your own discretion.

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