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2 min readApr 27, 2022

-- — a new IDO site on the Cronos network! The Ambassador Program is open with rewards! Part 7.5 Backers- Dust Ventures

Friends, hello everyone.

Earlier I told you about the new CRODO platform, the Ambassador Program, awards and other stuff.

Today I want to start talking about the companies that support the CRODO project.

Today we’re going to talk about Dust Ventures.

Dust Ventures is a venture capital fund that aims to accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and help develop promising projects.

Dust Ventures invests in cryptocurrency startups and promising projects.

According to official information posted on the website, they have invested $10,000 in CRODO in the Private Round phase.

The fund’s website says it has invested in the following projects: Dexsport, Solcubator, Seeded, Soldex, Celolaunch, Colonylab, Talecraft, SeedON, YOUMINTER, Panther Protocol, Secretum, Zeedz, Kaizen Finance, Alfprotocol, DeFiYield, Fragma, PONTEM NETWORK, Achiefy, Index Zoo, The Ticket Finance, Onomy, Colizeum, Solido, Crodo, Edensol, QMALL, ParaState, Ratio Protocol, Raisefinance, ZoA Game, Metapolis, Project Galaxy, Star Atlas. Investment amounts range from $5,000 to $20,000 in various projects.

However, I haven’t found any confirmation of this information.

That said, has information that Dust Ventures has made 1 investment, it was made in Seeded Network as part of the Seed VC on November 11, 2021 — an estimated $1.3M.

On CoinPedia, a press release dated January 22, 2022 says that a strategic partnership has been signed between Dust Ventures and Alf protocol.

The presence in the Dust Ventures portfolio of such well-known projects as Kaizen Finance and Pontem Network, as well as investments in lunchpads (Crodo, Solcubator (lunchpad on the Solana blockchain), Celolaunch (lunchpad on the Celo platform) allow to conclude that Dust Ventures carefully selects projects for its careful investments, which certainly affects the credibility of this project, and of course positively affects our project CRODO, so it allows attracting more and more users.

Well, I remind you that all my articles are only informational and do not force you into action. All actions you take at your own discretion.

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