— New IDO site on the Cronos network. EN (part 9- End of era 1)

3 min readApr 28, 2022

-- — a new IDO site on the Cronos network! The Ambassador Program is open with rewards! Part 9 — End of Era 1

Friends, hello everyone.

Here the first era is coming to an end — on April 30 the CRODO Ambassador Program will finish. But don’t despair, because you will enter the second era, during which you will be able to buy CROD tokens at a very attractive price, but don’t forget that you have to meet some conditions.

I remind you that the company has allocated 1,000,000 CROD for rewards for tasks completed by the Ambassador. Tokens for ambassadors will be unlocked every day in the amount of 11'111.11 tokens, for 3 months, starting from the listing date. A total of 1,000,000 tokens will be distributed, starting with TOP 1 and going down. The CRODs will be distributed directly into your wallet.

Well, the time is coming, only 3 days are left and each of us already has a rough idea of how many CROD tokens he can count on, because this information is displayed in real time in every personal office of the affiliates.

Don’t forget that in order to receive tokens at the end of an era, you must pass KYC! This is a prerequisite!

A very nice bonus is that the company has announced additional rewards for top ambassadors:

Top 10 = $500

Top 11–50 = $300

Top 51–100 = $150

Top 101–200 = $100

Top 201–500 = $50

The next step will be the Public Sale.

Registration for the Public Sale will open on 4.30.2022 (05:00) and close on 5.16.2022 (05:00). The date of the Sweepstakes will be May 18, 2022 (05:00). The date of the lottery will be 5.20.022 (06:00) and 5.22.2022 (05:00).

Public sales will be distributed among platforms that support pre-sales on the Cponos network.

Number of tokens for the public sale = 2,000,000 CRODs or $360,000 allocated at a price of $0.18 per token.

To participate in the public sale on the Crodo platform, a potential participant will need to:

-connect a MetaMask wallet;

-Connect Telegram bot;

-subscribe to a channel in Telegram;

-Pass the KYC verification.

For completing these basic actions + 1 ticket.

Additional tickets are awarded for completing additional ticks:

-connect to Telegram chat +1 ticket;

-subscribing to Twitter +1 ticket;

-re-posting a public sale message on Twitter +1 ticket;

-registering in Discord -channel +1 ticket;

-subscribe to instagram -account +1 ticket;

-mark and mention 3 friends in the comments of the instagram post about the public sale +1 ticket.

Participant’s ticket count is affected by luck.

Completion of participant enrollment will occur in 1 week. Once completed, all completed user actions will be checked and a random 1,200 winners will be determined.

If tokens are not fully redeemed in one day, the next rounds will begin until all tokens are redeemed.

Good luck and good luck to everyone!

Well, I remind you that all my articles are only informational and do not force you into action. All actions you take at your own discretion.

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