— New IDO site on the Cronos network! EN (Part 2)

2 min readMar 5, 2022

-- — new IDO site on the Cronos network! The Ambassador Awards Program is open! Part 2

Earlier I told you about the new CRODO platform. If you have decided to become a CRODO Team Ambassador, this information is for you.

Your benefits as a CRODO Team Ambassador:

Getting rewarded with CROD tokens. You can deliver CROD tokens in order to be rewarded and increase your level or sell them on the exchange after listing.

Increasing the popularity of your blog. You tell your audience about the benefits of new projects, the Ambassador Program and everything related to IDO Crodo.

Increased expert opinion.

You research projects that appear on our site to create content for your audience and thereby learn about the crypto industry as a Crodo representative.

You have priority status on Discord to communicate with platform developers and influence project development.

Users are rewarded with CROD tokens at the end of each era. An epoch is a period of time during which Ambassadors accumulate points and receive CROD tokens according to the percentage of the total amount collected in an epoch from all Ambassadors. Each epoch is allocated a fixed number of CROD tokens, which are distributed among all participants. Each epoch has its own conditions for participation.

How to become an Ambassador:

▪️Accede to Discord ( and verify

▪️Go to at the REFERENCE ( and

How to become an Ambassador:

▪ Join Discord ( and get verified

▪️Go to at the Link ( and connect the Metamask wallet. Add the “Cronos testnet 3” network to Metamask

▪️In the “For Ambassador” section, click on “Registration”, connect your Telegram and fill in the form for an Ambassador

▪️After approval of the application (approval takes 1 to 7 days), tasks will appear, performing which you will receive points (videos, memes and posts).

Telegram bot will notify you about the tasks by likes, retweets and comments on Twitter.

Please read the high risk information, this article is informational only and does not compel you to take action. All actions are at your own discretion.

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