— New IDO site on the Cronos network. EN (part 6 — awards, gravitas, titles)

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-- — a new IDO site on the Cronos network! The Ambassador Program is open with rewards! Part 6 — awards, gravitas, ranks

Friends, hello everyone.

Earlier I told you about the new CRODO platform. And now I will tell you about the rewards and gravity levels.

Of course, we all understand that the more we steal tokens, the more rewards we will get.

If you refer people to the Ambassador Program, you will get 5% of your referrals’ points.

In addition, you will get 2% more tokens from the people you refer, plus you will also get Gravity points.

Platform tokens are CROD and can be locked for 7 to 730 days. By locking tokens in the contract, users get a chance to redeem the distribution.

The higher your Gravity level is, the higher your chance of getting into the whitelist will be.

Your Gravity level will depend on the number of tokens supplied and your blocking time. That is, we lock our CROD tokens, and in return we get some amount for the Gravity level.

What is the purpose of this tiered system? The system of dividing participants into tiers is necessary for even and fair distribution of tokens in pools.

Levels (tier)

“Star” = 100 Gravity. 1 Lottery ticket

“Red Giant” = 1 000 Gravity. 12 Lottery tickets

“Supernova” = 5 000 Gravity. 100 Lottery tickets

“Neutron Star” = 10 000 Gravity. 300 Lottery ticket

“Pulsar” = 50 000 Gravity. Guaranteed allocation

“Black hole” — Guaranteed participation. Issued to those who blocked tokens and did not withdraw for 12 months and, at the same time, have at least 50 000 Gravity (has the title of Admiral and the level “Pulsar”).

The higher the level, the more distribution you get, and the more it gives increased chances, up to and including guaranteed participation at higher levels.

Calculating your Gravity is very easy, as there is a calculator in the Pools section ( that makes everything quick and easy to determine, and you’ll have an idea of how many tickets you can get.

Let’s look at an example of how the levels will be distributed and how many tokens are needed. For example, if you buy 50,000 coins at a public sale and you lock them up for 9 days, you will get tier (tier) 3, where you will have 100 tickets to participate. If you lock these tokens for 30 days, you get tier 4 — and that’s 300 tickets to get on the white list. In order to get the fifth level — guaranteed allocation — you need 300 days to lock your tokens. But you can have more Gravity if you have helped the community and the project grow.

Depending on how you lock your tokens, for how many days, the reward in the form of additional percentages to your level will also be determined. The size of the award is determined according to the rank you have received, which are assigned for the time of keeping tokens on the site.


-Crewmen — base rank

-Ensign — issued after 1 month of blocking, gives + 15% to Gravity

-Commander — issued after 3 months of blocking, gives + 20% Gravity

-Captain — issued after 6 months of blocking, gives + 25% Gravity

-Admiral — issued after 12 months of blocking, gives + 30% Gravity, and also gives the “Black hole” level if your level is “Pulsar”

Keep in mind that when you withdraw tokens from the site, the rank is reset to the first.

Good luck and good luck, everyone!

Well, I remind you that all my articles are only informational and do not force you into action. All actions you take at your own discretion.

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