— New IDO site on the Cronos network. RU (part 19 — project development. Epoch 4)

3 min readOct 28, 2022

-- — New IDO site on Cronos network!

Part 19 — project development. Epoch 4

Hey friends, everyone.

It’s been a while since I wrote about the Launchpad, and today I want to reflect a little on the future of this interesting project.

Let me remind you that is a lunchpad powered by the Cronos, Binance Smart Chain, Chia and Avalanche ecosystem. The platform allows launching and fundraising projects on the CRONOS network using IDO. A very interesting new project, which will help to participate in sales not only to experienced participants, but also to those who are not particularly versed in the projects and buy everything in a row, as the team developed options for integrating the project to attract the audience for real use.

The Ambassador program started on February 10, 2022, and three eras have passed since then. At the end of each epoch, all the endorsers who participated in this project were awarded points based on the effort each participant put in.

In the realities of the market, the development of the project has slowed down a bit. But the development team is not standing still and from 01.09.2022 started the fourth era, which will last two months and will end on 31.10.2022.

It should be noted that the tasks for the Ambassador during all epochs have not undergone changes, but the value of the performed tasks has changed. The emphasis now is more on reaching and engaging the audience that reads or watches the content that the ambassadors create, and this is understandable, because project development and success is directly dependent on involving as many people as possible who are interested in what the new Launchpad has to offer.

A legitimate question: why has the development of the project stalled?

We all know that the crypto market is not in the best position. Since May, we’ve seen that certain blue-chip cryptocurrencies started to actively lose value, as well as second-tier altcoins. By the end of June, BTC showed a serious collapse. As a result, experts comment that such processes marked the beginning of cryptozyma.

When developing any project, both developers and investors at the output always expect profit, so it is understandable that in the conditions of cryptozyma-2022 the project is in no hurry to go on listing. It is quite expected that the development team will wait for the revival of the crypto market, its exit from the bear market.

Everyone involved in the project is hoping for growth in crypto and a positive listing… And in order to make sure that when it happens, the project shoots with the biggest effect, let’s not give up and keep developing the project by all means available to us!

To all of success and good luck!

Well and I remind you that all my articles are only informational and do not force you to action. All actions you make yourself at your own discretion.

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