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Today I want to tell you how I registered for the CRODO Ambassador Program, and how you can earn money here without any investment on your part.

So, in order to become an Ambassador… Oops. What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador (and we are now talking about ambassadors in the cryptosphere) is a person who helps in various ways to promote a project, thereby increasing its recognition. The principle of ambassadorship programs is simple: an ambassador uses the product and tells his audience about it, helps in camunitie, makes content, and in return receives bonuses from the project: project tokens, priority queue at presale, etc.

So, in order to become a CRODO Ambassador, I filled out a form on the CRODO website and sent an application. When filling it out, I signed up for the Telegram bot CrodoBot, which, as you may remember, alerts you in advance of one or another important action.

So, the results of consideration (approval of my application) I got exactly on this CrodoBot in 10 hours. But you should keep in mind that it can take up to 7 days for the application to be approved!

And so in order. Follow this link:

By following the link, we get to the project site and click “register”.

Next, click on “connect purse” connect your purse MetaMask.

After that we get to the form, which you need to fill and send. Your application will be considered within 7 days, I had it reviewed within 10 hours.

If you are accepted into the Ambassador program, you’ll get a message on CrodoBot or email with further instructions and you can proceed to the tasks in your personal cabinet.

What tasks do I have to do? You can do all the tasks, or only part of them. It all depends on what you know how to do. But don’t forget that the subject of all assignments is the Crodo project. So, the tasks are:

1. Creating memes

2. Creating videos

3. writing articles

4. Creating a community on social networks

5. Creating a creative Crodo logo

By completing tasks, users are rewarded with CROD tokens at the end of each epoch.

An epoch is a period of time during which Ambassador participants collect points and receive CROD tokens according to the percentage of the total amount collected in the epoch from all Ambassador participants. Each epoch is allocated a fixed number of CROD tokens, which are distributed among all participants. Each epoch has its own conditions for participation.

Timeframe for Epoch 1: February 10, 2022 to April 10, 2022.

CROD tokens at the public sale will cost $0.18 per coin. There will be 1,000,000 CROD distributed among the ambassadors, the more points you earn, the more CROD tokens you will receive.

Coins will be locked in for 2 months, unlocking will be at the rate of 10% each following month. This is done so that after the release of the coin on the exchanges, the coin is not flushed to the bottom.

Good luck and success to everyone!

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